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PTS Pali-English dictionary The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary
Ānisaṁsa,[ā + ni + saṁsa,BSk. distorted to anuśaṁsa] praise i. e. that which is commendable,profit,merit,advantage,good result,blessing in or from (c. Loc.). ‹-› There are five ānisaṁsā sīlavato sīla-sampadāya or blessings which accrue to the virtuous enumd. at D.II,86,viz. bhogakkhandha great wealth,kittisadda good report,visārada self-confidence,asammūlho kālaṁ karoti an untroubled death,saggaṁ lokaṁ uppajjati a happy state after death. -- D.I,110,143; III,132 (four),236 (five); M.I,204; S.I,46,52; III,8,93 (mahā°); V,69 (seven),73,129,133,237 (seven),267,276; A.I,58 (karaṇīye kariyamāne); II,26,185,239,243 (sikkhā°); III,41 (dāne),248 (dhammasavane),250 (yāguyā),251 (upaṭṭhita-satissa),253 sq. (sīlavato sīlasampadāya etc.,as above),267 (sucarite),441; IV,150 (mettāya ceto-vimuttiyā),361 (dhammasavane),439 sq. (nekkhamme avitakke nippītike),442,443 sq. (ākās’ānañcāyatane); V,I,106 (mahā°),311; It.28,29,40 (sikkhā°); Sn.256 (phala°),784,952; J.I,9,94; V,491 (v. l. anu°); Nd1 73,104,441; Kvu 400; Miln.198; VvA.6,113; PvA.9 (dāna°) 12,64 (= phala),208,221 (= guṇa); Sdhp.263. -- Eleven ānisaṁsas of mettā (cp. Ps.II,130) are given in detail at Vism.311‹-› 314; on another eight see pp. 644 sq. (Page 101)

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